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Epistolary Format Thriller !

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What might be as scary as the shower scene in 'Psycho" and the dis-information torture of Winston Smith in Orwell's '1984' rolled into one? Lifetime patient Joe in THE PATIENT. I read this (relatively short) debut novel as an ARC from HoughtonMifflin and appreciated the opportunity to preview this page turner which packs a lot of punch into its pages. For fans of The Silent Patient, author Jasper DeWitt's's epistolary formatted tale (as online posts and entries in patient Joe's file) will be appealing. Readers may wonder - at first- if this is a true story gleaned from a website/discussion board for interns or if it is fiction. It is the latter, but it is certainly believable... until the scary, lifetime patient named Joe turns into an imaginary creature that can change shapes, read people's minds, and become the most terrifying person/monster ever. A gung-ho young doctor named Parker, eager to use his recent Yale M.D. degree, accepts a position at a crumbling mental asylum in Connecticut. Immediately the reader learns that there is a frightening, life-long patient about whom nothing is known; this male patient is so scary because of his evil mind and physical strength, creating an ability to drive attempted caretakers to go insane. The deranged female fan played by Kathy Bates in the movie 'Misery' pales in comparison to Joe. Despite the warnings of experienced nurse, Nessie, Parker is certain that he can help Joe, who has been in the asylum since the age of 6. Will Joe sacrifice his wonderful relationship with his fiance' for professional success? Is his fiance in danger because of Joe's obsession? Read and find out. This thriller which went on sale July 7, 2020.