Easy 3 Stars

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A curious, ambitious, new psychiatrist and a seasoned insane asylum resident that everyone avoids sounded like a recipe for delicious disaster and that seemed just the kind of book I love diving deep into.

The Patient felt like more of a psychological thriller vibe in the first two-thirds and then morphed into a supernatural horror that I wasn't fully anticipating even though its genre is listed as Horror.

I enjoyed that this was told in Parker's point of view via blog posts because I don't think this plot would have worked well without it and Ioved the notes and details on Joe when he was younger and his past involvement with other patients were nice treats as well. DeWitt also provided great disturbing imagery that I enjoyed but overall, I kind of feel like Parker did at the end: unresolved. Hence why The Patient is a 3 star book for me.

Granted, I did finish this book in about 6 hours of on and off reading but that was mostly due to the fact that it was a quick and easy read and mildly due the curiosity the story spurred in me.