Interesting despite some confusion

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Simply put, this first look has me stumped. I can't tell if the author wrote the narrator this way intentionally, but he seems to be swapping back and forth between two distinctive styles of speaking: arrogant or dismissive. Sometimes the description gets bogged down in fancy vocabulary and *almost* run-on sentences, but other times it reads like one of my friends is writing about our hometown (near the chosen fictional location of Connecticut--we KNOW that weather). I'm definitely interested in finding out if this would be a bigger part of the story going forward as some early inclination to the unreliability of the narrator!

For the cover, it needs something more. Searching for the title alone doesn't bring this book up to the front page of search results on Goodreads, so the cover needs to be more eye catching I think.

Overall, I'm interested! Can't wait to read more. Thanks for the opportunity to read this sample!