I loved it!

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The Passing Playbook is the story of Spencer Harris, a transgender teenager who doesn't want to come out as trans when he arrives at his new school. His pan to stay stealth starts out smoothly, but when a transphobic rule threatens his soccer dreams, Spencer has to decide whether to play it safe or fight for his right to play.

I absolutely loved this one! There were so many wonderful high school cliches - boys using way too much body spray, pressing your hands against one another while playing guitar, wiping food off the others cheek - that I wanted it to go on forever. I also appreciated that the book dealt with the gray area of being cis-assumed or het-assumed, where you want to be safe, but you also want to protect others who don't have as much safety. I liked seeing Spencer become more confident throughout the story, first among friends, but eventually to the entire school and country. That takes extreme courage and bravery that nearly had me in tears.