I could relate in a way

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Coming from a family who wouldn't be accepting to my sexuality if I were to come out to them I could relate deeply to Justice. Seeing Spencer have such an amazing support group is absolutely everything to me and seeing him come out of his shell and being more comfortable with telling people his sexuality is amazing to see in a book. "Thank you for telling me. I want you to know that I'll always love you. whether you feel like you're a girl or boy or whatever." The second I read that sentence from Spencer's mom after he came out made me absolutely cry, it made wish I had the same support. I read that and I thought about it in my head and hearing my mom say that to me would absolutely break me in the best way possible. This book brings light to a topic some people deem "inappropriate" which is important to be aware about all of this to be able to safely talk about and know that you aren't alone.