Astonishingly Amazing!!!

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The Passing Playbook was a story that drew you in from the first word. It was a book that made you feel as if you were peering into Spencer's head. This book dealt with lots of heavy topics, such as transphobia, homophobia, school lockdowns, bomb threats, and more, and the author's true talent showed in the way how it also made you feel good, and it made you want to laugh and celebrate with Spencer when something good happened and but you still wanted to cry or groan when something disappointing happened to him. It was a book that I could not help but adore. The writing was stunning, and the representation was well done. It was a great book and had a great storyline! It also did a stunning job at talking about the complexities of coming out. This book did very well at showing how one family may be ok, but others can have completely different reactions. In conclusion, I think that if you are interested in a well-written, stunning, and marvelous book, this is definitely for you.