The Spool

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This book completely caught me off guard. First I pitied Abby. The way she looked up to Elise, the things she did that led her to LA. But then, Abby starts changing, or rather, morphing into who she was meant to be. As proud of Abby as I was for growing into her own skin and taking matters into her own hands, I was absolutely floored and shocked when I discovered the real Abby. The cleverness, the depths to which she attained what she sought, wow! I definitely didn't see this novel going in that direction at all. But most unusually for me, I enjoyed the destruction Abby wreaked, it was almost symbolic to me. And Abby's probably right, she did what Elise would never have done for Amara. So that begs the question: who is right? I loved how this novel was mind bending and intricate!