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Go get 'em, Abby

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Abby and Elise were childhood best friends. Elise was pretty and vivacious. Abby was plain and artistic. Elise went on to become a rising star in Hollywood. Abby went to college and had a breakdown. Then, high school reunion time came and both went. Elise invited Abby to visit her in Hollywood, never expecting Abby would take her up on it. Abby, determined to fulfill her early creative promise, moved out to the coast and into Elise's home and life. But this is not the case where Abby takes, or even tries to take, over Elise's life. She doesn't want to be Elise. Elise is, after all, only an actor. Abby wants to create stories for Elise to act in.
I liked this book. I wasn't sure, while I was reading it, that I would. Be the concept sneaked up on me. At the end, I'm going of course this is what Abby needed to do. There was just enough meandering to make the point where Abby decided and started grabbing what she needed for her life striking.
I received the copy of this book I read for my review from Bookish First.