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A Story of Madness

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The Paper Wasp almost earned several more stars but the ending detracts from the overall story.
Ten years after graduation, Abby reconnects with her childhood friend Elise. Elise is a movie star now and goes to a "school"ran by Abby's favorite film maker. Elise offers to hire Abby as her PA. Abby sees a chance to grab the future she was meant to have.
The Paper Wasp is a tale of madness. It's beautiful in it's execution. The manicness of Abby is seeps through the page as she tells Elise the story from the perspective. You can see her break slowly and
the reader knows just watch the lynch pin is for her to fall apart. This makes the first 75 percent of the book dazzling and perfect.
The climax takes too long and then Abby/the author actually hide her thoughts from the reader. This lack of clarity and openness changes the tone and ultimately leaves you wondering exactly when did her plan begin and why that plan in particular?
While I love how the author changes our attitude about the narrator by the end, I needed a little bit of the fallout, for the madness to come to an end.