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Wildly Disturbing & Twisted!

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The Other Woman had me hooked right from the beginning. It's crazy, disturbing, twisted, and outrageously addictive - a definite page-turner for me.

Emily and Adam start dating and appear to be madly "in love". Then enters the other woman, Pammie, Adam's mother. How far will Pammie go to get Emily out of Adam's life? Emily will soon find out! This is the type of book that if I say too much I will give it all away... in my opinion, it's better to read it with an open mind.

Kudos to Sandie Jones for introducing us to some wild and crazy characters - the kind that made me want to pull my hair out at times. Also, there were times I wanted to shout out, "what were you thinking", and maybe just add a facepalm moment just to put some sense back into them. When I have those emotions I definitely know I'm reading a well-written book! So get ready and buckle up for a crazy and twisted ride of your life! Highly recommend.