What’s twisty book!

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This is the kind of book that you *think* you can predict the ending too, but whoa! Adam and Emily meet, and hit it off. It feels like the girl-meets-boy love story we all know, but then Adam takes Emily to meet his mom. Pammie is the mother from hell. She is SUPER involved in Adam’s life, and Adam ADORES her. Pammie is determined to break the two of them up, and will stop at nothing to do so. She leaves a photo album out for Emily to see, and it features a previous girlfriend, whom Pammie gushes about. That is the mildest of Pammie’s antics, which leaves Emily feeling like she is dealing with a psycho. Naturally, Adam is oblivious to everything his mom is pulling, and is pretty nasty to Emily.
There’s also the small hitch of Emily being attracted to Adam’s brother James. Of course Pammie tries to use this to her advantage too.

The book is the kind that actually makes you wonder how stupid Emily has to be to put up with all this. Adam’s not even very nice to her...why would she continue to put up with his crap? Trust me, the ending makes it worthwhile to push through the lunacy.