Not what I expected!

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The Other Woman wasn't what I expected.

I love a thriller you can (read: want to) tear through in a day. The Other Woman is domestic suspense, but it kept me on my feet and engaged with the story. The cover of my copy touts "a twist you will not see coming" which set me up for some slight disappointment - I did see it coming. But, I'm still slotting this one as a "would recommend" mystery.

Emily meets and falls in love with Adam, who she finds to be perfect. But she didn't quite bank on also needing to meet Adam's mother, Pammie... That's right, the monster-in-law, mother-in-law, who's seemingly there just to push Emily away. Drama!

What bumps it up from three stars to four stars, in my opinion? A relatable, imperfect main character; realistic plot points; and substance. This one isn't just another light, forgettable mystery - it has teeth, and I'm grateful it was published.