Nail biter

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What is wrong with Pammie? I mean seriously woman your son is a grown adult and its time to let thinks Emily and everyone reading the story of Emily and her new love Adam. In her eyes everything is perfect between Emily and Adam...except his mother.
Pammie refuses to be kind to Emily and Adam refuses to stand up to Pammie and defend Emily to her. Why are they so close and what is lurking in their relationship that keeps him to tightly bound to her. Sons and mothers can be close but to Emily this seems to go too far. What can she do to intervene and show Pammie once and for all that she is best for Adam and that she is not going anywhere despite all Pammie can throw at her including the much kinder brother, James.

This thriller was fast paced and kept me guessing. The twist was one that I was able to suss out but it had a great, fast-paced climax and build up to a nail-biting ending.