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#BewareOfPammie #TheOtherWoman
Domestic Suspense Thriller you won't want to put down. The cover alone is captivating then opening the book and reading the Prologue, holy wow can we say it makes you want to read it right away!!!!!
"She looks beautiful in her wedding dress. It fits her perfectly and is exactly what I'd imagined she'd go for: elegant, understated, and unique --- just like her. My heart breaks that her day will never come, but she doesn't need to know that yet.
I think about the guests who won't attend, the picture frames with no photographs, the first dance that will be silent, the cake that won't get eaten, and I feel my resolve weakening. I pull myself up. This is not a time for doubt.
There is still so much work to do, so much more pain to inflict, but I will not be deterred. I failed once before, but this time, I'll get it right. There's too much at stake to get it wrong."
Just wow!!! And which character is this coming from? Adam the fiancé? Pammie (Adam's mom and future mother-in-law)? James? (the jealous at times brother of Adam) Someone else in Emily's circle????

This book is about a romance that happened very quickly between Adam and Emily, a devious mother named Pammie, a brother who seems to want Emily for himself … Do you really know the family you will become in-laws with and will Emily find out too late who they really are? What secrets will be revealed? Get ready for an entertaining, twisted thriller you will not want to put down until the very end with lots of manipulation, guesses, and questions.. oh scratching your head moments like WTF …