This is a Merlin I really like!

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Honestly, this book was bringing back serious vibes of Tamora Pierce's Song of the Lioness quartet. Except definitely not as serious. This book is full of snark and is quite hilarious, in a good way. This is a book that is just plain fun to read and even if it did end in a major cliffhanger, I did not really mind though I am looking forward to the next book and hope it comes out soon!

Emry Merlin is a take no crap from anyone kind of girl and is a powerful wizard to boot, unlike her brother. She definitely deserves to be the one to take the spot of apprentice wizard at the castle in Camelot! I enjoyed her adventures as a boy in disguise with all the hijinks and hilariousness that ensued. Arthur and Lancelot have been changed up too and so the story does stray from the original tale but I did not mind. I am intrigued how this will go on. Hopefully with more Gawain and Guinevere, as well as the other characters.