Queer Arthurian Retelling!

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Queer King Arthur Retelling whooooo?

It's another one that I absolutely love! Emry is an AMAZING character and I honestly love everything about her. I love the call to adventure in this story, and everything that happens throughout. I love the relationships and Arthur and Lancelot and everything that happens! I cannot wait for the sequel to come out so I can see what happens next because I absolutely fell in love with these characters and am dying to learn more!

If you want magic, romance, legends, and amazing characters, pick this book up asap!

Rep: Pansexual female MC (possibly demisexual as well), bisexual male side character, gay male side character, questioning love interest, BIPOC side character.

CWs: Abandonment/suspected death of parent, alcohol consumption, blood, misogyny, outing, sexism, violence, sexual content (not graphic)