Loved it.

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This is a reimagining of King Arthur, and the wizard Merlin. Typically, I don’t read things about King Arthur, but this seemed really interesting, so I had to read it. In this book, Merlin is dead, and leaves his twins. And Arthur is a prince, and his father is the kind of Camelot. When Camelot calls on her brother, he’s prepared to head of to the castle. But an incident occur, his sister, Emry takes his place. I really loved this book. It had me hooked from the start, and I fell in love with these characters. They are funny, and real (well, as much as they can be, lol). It had me laughing and tearing up. It was well written, and you are drawn into the story, and this version of Camelot the author creates. Can’t wait for the next book, because I’m dying to see what happens. I definitely recommend this book, if you love stories of Camelot, and King Arthur, this was a great reimagining of those characters.