I really enjoyed this one

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The Other Merlin by Robyn Schneider is a fun read that I really enjoyed.
After some bad decisions by her Emmett Merlin, Emery takes her twin brothers place when he is called to be the court wizard for Prince Arthur.
It was only meant to be a week...

Of course I had some issues with some if the plot like her getting away with looking like her brother but I guess people see what they want to believe.
I liked the twist on the old story and the chemistry between Emery and Arthur was great.
I love a slow burn, forbidden romance.
I enjoyed the storyline it kept me interested the entire time and I love a couple of plot twists that were thrown in there.
I can't wait to read the next book and see what happens with Emery and Arthur and of course to see what happens with their father and if he really is alive or not.
The author set up the ending nicely so you really cant wait for the next book.