Fun Camelot adventure!

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I knew as soon as I read the first few pages of this that I just HAD to snatch up an early copy to read the rest and I'm so glad I did. I've never particularly been a fan of other Arthurian narratives so I can't say how this really compares if you're into those, and same goes for general medieval era fantasies. Honestly, fantasy in general, even YA fantasies, are just not my thing usually. But as someone who considers A Knight's Tale terribly underrated and still mourns the cancellation of Galavant, this book is exactly the tone I needed to pull me into the world it presents.

And the characters! I love all of them from the start. Arthur and Lance are such delights, and Emry is so believable and relatable even though she's in this wild situation. The friendship among the three of them was lovely to read as it developed.

So, in conclusion: The Other Merlin is witty, sarcastic, sharp, and so so fun - all made for an easy read that I can definitely see myself revisiting in the future.