Timely again

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I love how timely this book has become a little before it is release date. The Spanish flu was around 100 years ago and yet it just became very timely in the current pandemic world. The book describes the use of masks, difficulties in finding treatment, and more people dying than the morgues can handle. Maybe the difference is that now we have more technology and more resources to connect to each other. But other than that, everything is the same.
Bernice takes upon herself the task of finding new homes to kids that were displaced because of the virus. But she gets a little carried away and becomes greedy. Not all kids she's helping were truly orphans. And that's how she ends up findig the twin brothers of Pia. Pia will not give up trying to find them. And the book tells this quest of Pia, a 13 year old girl that takes care of her twin brothers after their mother dies of the flu, and Bernice, a mom mourning the loss of their infant child to the flu.