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Loved It!

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I began reading "The Orphan Collectore" smack in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. I almost did not want to begin it with so many people suffering at the time. Boy am I ever glad I did. I was instantly drawn into the world of Pia and her plight. I found it impossible to put down. Pia's journey and experiences may have been a figment of the author's imaginations but she brought the story to life with the excellent charachter development of each and every single character.
With each page I turned I became more involved in Pia's life and could not help cheering her on and often found myself near tears over her set backs. The author has done an amzing job making this novel just about the 1918 flu but about the lives that were deeply affected. This is a definite must read novel. I absolutely loved it too much to part with so it sits on my shelf waiting fr a day I will want to reread it.