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I was super excited that Netgalley approved me for The Only Good Indians but this one fell flat for me. There’s tons of raving reviews so don’t listen to me and not read it. I will say, this is a unique story and it’s definitely unlike anything I’ve ever read. Sadly, I was bored over half the time and wanted to DNF but wanted to push through because I thought my mind would be blown. Something about the writing didn’t sit well with me, it was a little confusing. Also, this was extremely graphic especially with the dogs and I hated that. I hated that so much. Again, this was really different than anything I have read and I think indigenous stories are super important so I would recommend it for that alone, even though it didn't work out so much for me. Definitely make your own call but be ready for a lot of graphic things that happen to the dogs but also the humans.