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My thoughts while reading this book were all over the place, which means my thoughts in this review will likely be as well.

The moment I read the synopsis, I was extremely interested in The Only Good Indians, despite the fact that I usually avoid extremely graphic novels. I believed the impactfulness of the story would outweigh my aversion to gore and I do think I made the right decision.

I did feel a bit confused in the beginning and it took several chapters before things pulled together in a way that really seemed to flow. By page 117, I was fully engaged, terrified, and thoroughly impressed. The book then changed its path a bit, bringing a second person narrative into the scene. While there were times I disliked this, as I reached the end, this aspect did make the emotions described really feel like they belonged to me and I began to tear up. Everything made so much sense as the conclusion played out.

With that being said, I went back and forth with feeling immersed and feeling pulled out of the story. I kept thinking I’d missed something, which meant I went back several times to reread chapters. There is a lot going on in this book but, at times, the storytelling method didn’t feel like it connected well. Overall, however, I do think it’s a good story, with potent social commentary and intense, heartbreaking, and horrific scenes.

I can’t say I enjoyed every moment of it but I definitely feel it was worth the read.

Thank you Saga Press for my review copy. All opinions are my own.