Not What I Expected

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There are two hands dealing this review. On one hand is the unique twist on Indian lore and different tribal clans. Reservation life and breaking away from the traditions of a culture were thoroughly intriguing to me. There’s a portion of my ancestry that touches the Cherokee line and it’s honestly sad that there is no one I can talk to left in my family who remembers any of our heritage. Sometimes Google isn’t enough and I was too young to truly remember the “pow-wows” my mom took me too in detail.

On the other hand, there is this plot that should be steeped in creepy vibes and horror leaving the reader at the edge of their seat. I was kind of let down. A lot of the lead up didn’t keep my interest and when the action picked up I was almost done with the novel. It seems more effort was put into morbidity than truly setting the scene and vibe. Warning to the readers there is a good bit of animal violence.

I was hoping for a good creepy novel but outside of the cultural aspect I wasn’t fully invested in the audiobook. I think this is one of those books that may be better read than listened too so you can immerse yourself in the words. It’s a bummer it wasn’t for me but it did have a few things I enjoyed in the end.

Thank you to Libro.FM and Simon & Schuster Audio for the opportunity to listen to and review this audio for an honest and unbiased opinion.