Fear Shocking

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Spoilers Ahead

This book surprised me in a couple different ways. The plot drew me in with a I Know What You Did Last Summer feel. I thought it was a great story line that had a vengeful spirit going on a killing spree on those who wronged them. The ending was a bit disappointing. It kept me guessing if it was a psychological type of horror or paranormal horror and I thing it's a little of both. It was a bit confusing with the going back between the past and present and between the characters. The way it ended had me wanting to know what happened next and in my opinion, it wasn't that horror scary. If this was a movie, I would watch it in a heartbeat. I did like the characters having a different ethnicity than just being white. I also like how the cover ties with the plot of the book. I would read this book again and I look forward to reading more from this author.