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Fantastic Audio Book

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In this #ownvoices horror novel, we enter the story of 4 Native American men from the Blackfoot Tribe who struggle for their lives after a disturbing event in their youth. ⁣ The Elk that they were unjustified in killing is now both hauting and hunting them. As I read, I kept thinking about how mistakes me make in our past coming back to haunt us are truly the things horror is made of in real life.

I have been enjoying this as it's not only a dramatic retelling and exploration about how our past choices can come back to haunt us in the present, but it also includes social commentary on modern indigenous life and references to live both on the reservation and to how outsiders observe Native Americans.

The writing style is descriptive and lends to a slow burn with some dramatic flare as each of the four men are confronted in an unusual way by their past. We've been on an M.Night Shyamalan movie kick over here and so I was picturing this as one of his movies as I read along - it has the slow build, the supernatural components and the twist that I didn't see coming (not always at the very end). ⁣

I loved this one in the audio book format.