Don't read with the lights off!

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There is so much going on with this book. It has mystery horror and lots of drama. This physiological horror has roots in Indiana culture that is reminiscent of IT Follows and is unsettling at times. A group of men shoot deer that they find out was pregnant and that in turn brings on a "curse" against them. They are stalked, hunted, and preyed upon by something. The hunters become the hunted. Sometimes wicked this way comes. But what is hunting them? That is the question. How do you undo what is already done? For this group there is no turning back the hands of time. It is a matter of survival and pure luck that they make it through each day alive. Will their luck run out or will they some how find a way or making this evil wrong that they put into the world right again? It will be a thrill ride to the very last page as we read to find out if they will survive....