Creepy as hell

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Ten years ago, four American Indian men massacred a herd of elk in the elder's hunting grounds. They were caught and banned, but when the tenth anniversary rolls around, one of the men is killed in a strange accident. Then another starts seeing weird things...and he begins to think something might have survived from that event. Something that wants its revenge.

I don't often read horror but. Holy shit. I teared up so hard at the ending.

Although...who the fuck put a fucking deer on the cover of a book about elk?!


They look nothing alike!

Then again, one time at work I was with a coworker and supervisor (in North Carolina). It was slow and we were scrolling through a clickbait website of something to do with the 50 states. On Alaska's page, there was a butt shot of an elk, and one of my coworkers said, "oh a moose, that's typical." And I was like, "that is is an elk." My supervisor was like, "how can you even tell?" as the coworker tried to argue with me. Anywho, as someone who is from Oregon, whose family has hunted elk (and had an interesting encounter with an elk herd myself), and I've also seen moose in person (another interesting close encounter), I think I know better than two people from the South who have never seen an elk or a moose in person.

So. Indignation is high. And apparently the American education system has greatly failed us all when it comes to identifying large North American mammals.

Read this book!