Close to DNF

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I wanted to like this book. I really did. It had a lot of mixed reviews and some really high praises. I usually don’t pay much attention to those as I end up loving some books people aren’t fans of and some blockbuster books do nothing for me.
I genuinely liked the idea of the book being a Native American scene. That is something totally different and a fresh perspective for me. It was educational and insightful.
I love a good horror novel, I love a good revenge story, I love Jordan Peele movies (what it was compared to). But this book wasn’t it.
Maybe it was just me? For starters, it was sooo difficult to read. It was very wordy and long and drawn out. I kept having to reread sentences, paragraphs, and even entire pages to slowly process what I had just read because my brain was shutting down mid sentence sometimes it seemed. That made for very slow progress.
Next, the story line… I mean, once again, let me reiterate that I love horror stories and revenge. I love new ideas and concepts that aren’t the same old, same old. But, a vengeful elk? Oookkk… it was just odd. Instead of reminding me of a psychological horror along the lines of Jordan Peele movies, it reminded me of the cheap B movie, Rubber.
Maybe if I was able to be more immersed in the story it would have been more suspenseful and engaging? Not sure as I just could not get truly IN to this book.
Again, these may just be my issues with my inability to follow the flow and writing style of the author. If you can handle it and be able to read through it, you may have a different experience and thoughts.
I always try to go into books with open mind and no preconceived ideas about them because I know everyone likes different storylines and different writing styles.
Just for me personally, this was a no go on both storyline and style.
I almost DNF this book. It took me several months to get through rather than a matter of a few days for most books. I kept getting bored with the book and putting it down and coming back to it later. I felt like I had to push myself to read it and finish it.
Normally, I don’t bother and will just go ahead and DNF a book. However, as this one was won through BF raffle, and due to the uniqueness in Native American representation, I felt like I did at least owe the book being finished.
But Lordy, it was a task.