Best of 2020

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Wow! This book is my favorite book of 2020(so far). It actually took me A few days to write this review to gather my thoughts. This book was a bundle of emotions that I loved to hate it in certain parts. Yes, it is a horror story but it is so much more. I learned so much about modern day native Americans and the prejudices they endure. The social commentary in this novel gives the reader a very raw look at the internalization of harmful behavior, not only outside of the reservation but from within as well. Also how the Native Americans are treated and seen in the United States and the prejudices that still prevails.
Going into this book, and knowing about the elk woman being the boogeyman of the story, I assumed would be something silly and over the top that I would never find scary.....boy was I wrong!
Stephen Graham Jones is a masterful story teller and I look forward to reading his back catalogue.