An Animal Spirit Strikes Fear Into These Hunters For a Decade Old Mistake

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An interesting blend of the Native American condition in THERE, THERE and the horror of Stephen King's CUJO or PET CEMETERY. Killing a herd of elk can mean meat in the freezer for all the people on the reservation but when an ill planned hunt goes horribly wrong an entity called Elk Head Woman is let loose to exact revenge on the hunters. Ten years pass but the memory of that night is still fresh in the minds of the four young guys as they are about to pay the price for a mistake of their youth. This book is a paradox that shows the loss of pride, respect and remembrance of the old ways with the mythical spirit of the elk woman who takes out her revenge on the four because they did not respect the old ways of only hunting what you can eat and need. It is graphic and true to its horror roots yet also gives a great viewpoint of the modern day Native American trapped in the futility of living on the reservation. The language is choppy but authentic and it took me a bit of time to get used to the back story of each character which can lull you into a false sense of calm before the next horrific event. This book will appeal to readers who enjoy the violence and sheer terror of a good horror novel but also like reading between the lines for more of a story. My thanks to the publisher for the advance copy.