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A Unique Tale with Native American Representation...

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I could not put this book down but also found myself needing a break from it from time to time. It's not even a huge book. In fact rather small compared to some of the tomes I have been reading but the content...so powerful, so deep, dark, and raw...it was hard to stay the course without taking a time out. This is not a negative response to the book though. I enjoyed reading it. It perplexed and captivated me and made me sometimes a bit uncomfortable and I love that about books. I don't always want a positive read. I sometimes want something that makes my skin crawl, that makes my brain frazzled, that forces me to feel insecure about being home alone. This is that read. It's not for everyone but it's worth the attempt. I'll be honest...I don't think I have read many books with Native American/tribal representation. If I had it would be less than a handful of times. That fact alone compelled me to read this book and I am so glad that I did.

A unique and dark read. Brutal at times, interesting through all of it.

Thanks to the Author Stephen Graham Jones and Saga Press for my copy of this book won via giveaway. I received. I read. I reviewed this book honestly and voluntarily.