Different, but had me hooked.

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This book starts out in the aftermath (think years) after a tragic event in a high school. As adults, the characters have gone their separate ways hoping to forget all about the event that occurred. When they come back together for a tell-all, the main two characters are reunited. The story follows from there- tells about their torrid affair in high school. They were the two who weren't high school sweethearts, but just in it for benefits. And now they're all grown up with a lot of past to put behind them- who knows what could happen?

I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style of the author. It didn't feel cheesy at all, like many romance novels do. I felt compelled to see how the characters grew based on their traumatic experience, but also how they grew into each other's arms based on this trauma. I was equally surprised that I fell in love with the story and the characters because I am not a romance reader at all. Overall, this story was excellently written and staged, and I would recommend it to any person who loves a good romance, or even just a good overcoming the past story.