Twisty and amazing!

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The Ones We're Meant to Find follows 2 sisters in a world ravaged by climate change. In 3rd person, we follow Kay, the sister trying to get on with a world without her sister and find a solution to save humans. The first person POV follows Celia, the sister who disappeared and woke on an island with few memories.

While I struggled to follow the story at first and understand what was happening, once I did I really started to enjoy it! I have seen a lot of people discuss this, but I love the occasional story that makes me work for it. It made Celia's POv really interesting because you're learning things at the exact same speed as her, which makes it even more believable. On top of the beautiful writing and a story that discusses a point in science fiction where all pollution is permanent, THE TWIST IS AMAZING. Just read this!! An really cool and trippy YA dystopian!