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I love the cover of this book it’s so pretty. I love how it looks like it’s by the waves and the way it looks it just beautiful. Just based on the cover I would probably buy it. This books sound interesting from the synopsis. Even though I don’t usually read these kind of books I would probably give it a try to see how much I would like it. I almost always enjoy books with sister I just find it so fun to read about. I also think I would like it since she doesn’t seem to have memories and just know that she has a sister and want to go find her. I do think it sounds really interesting and I think that some people would really enjoy this but I probably would have this in my to be read and I would never get to it just because I don’t usually like sciences in books I just don’t find it fun to read about. Overall I think I would still try to read it if I could but I do believe that I would find it that interesting.