So unexpected, but in a great way

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This is a fascinating, twisty feat of a novel that does not remotely end where I thought it would, particularly given the vibe of the cover. I love that this is a firmly sci-fi/cli-fi near-apocalyptic novel with an assertedly naturalistic/low-fi cover, and the dissonance that created for me, as a reader, very much suited the novel itself. The way the novel splits its time and chapters between the two sisters' experiences and points of view (one first-person, one limited-third) was a bit difficult to get into for the first couple of chapters, but after that it was actually a great plot propulsion device to keep pivoting between the two, as every ending was a form of a cliffhanger. Thematically, the way this novel dealt with technology, family, neurodivergence/neurodiversity, love, and justice/punishment were fascinating in ways that were deeper than some YA novels choose to tread. I loved it.