Slow start, excellent finish

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I'll admit, when I started this I was put off by how slow it was and didn't come back to it for months. Even as you start putting some of the mystery together, I wasn't feeling it. I was not invested until you really started to see what was happening and what time period we were in that things really got interesting for me. Once I started suspecting who Cee was, I was so hooked and desperate to get to the ending. As a science fiction novel, this was an excellent look at the possible future of humanity due to our lack of care for our environment. It was like Dry on steroids, or a less horrifying version of Blake Crouch's Pines series. I would've loved to have read more about Kasey's world and how it came to be, the politics of it all, honestly that whole set up could be another series on it's own and I would read the heck out of it! This was my first Joan He novel, but I am definitely interested in her other books now!