Really twisty and unique!

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This sure is a unique story! At first, I will admit to not having a clue what I was getting into, but I was intrigued and excited. Both characters and their stories are so wildly different from each other right from the start, which instantly piqued my interest even more. The story alternates between the POVs of Cee and Kasey.

Cee’s world is quite different from Kasey’s in that it’s quite post-apocalyptic and Cee spends much of her time trying to survive and/or escape, and she knows precious little of how she arrived in her current circumstance. Kasey’s is more sci-fi, with life in an actual city-in-the-sky, and spends most of her time in simulations when she’s not trying to find answers about her beloved sister Celia’s disappearance. So as you can imagine, the stories are quite different, and I was so excited to see how/when/if they converged.

I will say, I felt a bigger connection to Cee and her story, though I have a feeling that was intentional on the author’s part. Kasey is still quite sympathetic, as it’s clear that she has been through a lot, and who could blame her for needing answers? Though I will admit to being a bit confused by some of the eco-related plans she develops, but frankly, Kasey is just smarter than me so it is what it is. As the plot moves forward, there were some incredible twists that I definitely did not see coming, and which kept me quite engaged.

I think my only negative, aside from the minor confusion (which I could deal with) was that I did want a bit more from the ending, but I also think that is a personal thing, as I prefer things to be super wrapped up.

Bottom Line: This is such a unique, twisty story with two desperate young women at its heart. It will make you feel and think, and that is the best combo IMO.