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This book was an easy five out of five. I really enjoyed it and it was the perfect book to read right now. I just finished a very long trilogy so I was looking for a great stand-alone book to read. Then I got this from Bookish First and I was very pleased. The characters were beautifully constructed and I really liked to read about them. I don't want to go into much depth because I want you to get the best first impression of this book. But it is a whole new look on the sci-fi genre. Certain plots in dystopian/sci-fi young adult books are often very overdone and boring to read, but this book was very fresh and new. I am very glad I got to read this book before it came out so I can have time to recommend it to people. I can definitely see this book being a hit when it finally comes out. I know it will cater to many different people because of the creative plot lines and diverse characters.