Completely absorbing

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This book has one of the best uses of dual perspective I've encountered, because there is a clear disconnect between the two POVs—some timey-wimey stuff that can't be easily explained—and it builds both tension and mystery so well. I loved feeling like I was staring at all the puzzle pieces but couldn't figure out how they fit; every time I thought I was starting to figure something out, a new piece of information would force me back to square one. It made the reveal at the end so satisfying. (I did slightly predict one of the twists, but that's only because I read another book this year with the exact same twist—I'm not sure I would have predicted it otherwise.) I even really liked the openness of the ending.

My favorite thing was the fact that the heart of the book was the love and devotion between two sisters. There was a little bit of romance, and I could have done without that, but it was, at least, clearly secondary to the sibling love.