A Huge Twist I Didn't Expect!

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I really enjoyed this book! From the first look to the actual story itself. Everything was well written and you really got to know and love the characters.

The world is definitely in the future after pollution has caused even more damage. The way they try to cope with the pollution is different from what I've seen before in books.

I love how it goes between the two sisters stories and slowly brings out what really happened. You get a good sense of who everyone is and where they stand.

I also love the imagery. We go from this extremely technologically advanced world to trying to survive on an island in the middle of nowhere.

However, my favorite thing about the story, is the direction it started to go about halfway through completely blindsided me!! I always love being surprised in a book! This author definitely succeeded and it made even more invested! Everything I thought I knew was completely wrong! (Well, kind of, but not completely. Loa).

The genre would fall under Young Adult, Science Fiction, and Adventure. A decent amount of cursing and definitely some kissing. I don't recall much more other than hinting.

Also, for those who love them, there are robots!