The first look left me drooling at the mouth for more!

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I can honestly say, I don't think I have ever EVER read a book that is at least half as original than this one is, or at least it seems to be. The first chapter of the book introduces us to a nameless character who is on a island with only a bot and what I'm guessing to be a boat to keep her company. She is determined to get back to her sister Kay.
Next chapter we meet Kasey who is clearly Kay and the young woman we previously met is Celia, her sister. Kasey, Kay, her character is very complex. She's hosting a party but she doesn't want anyone to know who she is. She just manages to blend into the back ground.

Its obvious from the first look, that these two sisters share a special connection (Celia is desperate to get to Kay. Kay always sees Celia in her mind) I'm curious if there search for each other has to do with the title. That they are meant to find each other?