The One That Got Away With Murder

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The One That Got Away with Murder by Trish Lundy is about two brothers who are accused of murdering their respective girlfriends. Robbie and Trevor Cresmont are rich, handsome, and privileged. Girls usually throw themselves at them but, the community at Happy Valley is weary of the brothers. They believe because of the Cresmont’s wealth and privilege that they could get away with anything, including murder.

Both brothers were dating girls who ended up dead, respectively. Robbie’s ex, Victoria Moreno, mysteriously drowned at the Cresmont’s lake house. Victoria was a proficient swimmer so; it was very suspicious that she drowned and no one else was there but Robbie. A year later, Trevor’s girlfriend died of a suspicious overdose. The brothers were never found guilty of any wrongdoing in both cases, but most people believe it’s because of their wealth that they were able to coast under the radar.

The Cresmont brothers are not the only ones with a secret. Lauren O’Brian is the new girl at school. She recently transferred during her senior year after a recent scandal. Lauren is desperate for a new start and to forget her dark past. She was excited to start a no-strings-attached relationship with Robbie until she heard the rumors about him and his brother. She decides to have one last fling before school starts and joins the brothers at their lake house for a holiday weekend. It was meant to be their last weekend together before Lauren broke up with Robbie, but it turns out to be more than she bargains for when she discovers evidence that can implicate Robbie. With her discovery, Lauren is unsure who she can trust, and things start getting more dangerous when a third dead body is discovered.

I thought the book was an interesting read. I was able to narrow down the list of suspects to a few and was able to correctly guess the murderer in the end. I was surprised by their motive though and still didn’t quite understand why they did it. The book was told from Lauren’s point of view, but I wish we did get to learn more about the killer. The book is a quick, predictable, and fast-paced read. It did have a few unlikeable characters but overall, the book was an entertaining read.