Fantastic! I loved it

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A YA mystery suspense?? Sign me up! I loved that this book had me wanting to keep turning pages even once I ran out of pages to turn! From page one I was sucked it! It starts out with so much mystery that keeps you wanting to read just to find out why! I absolutely that this book had everything I look for in a book! A little bit romance, complicated friendship and of course death!

I already feel so connected with the main character and how she already felt so relatable in so many ways she makes it so relatable that I want to know everything about this book, how it ends and what happens all together. I love how fast paced it felt even though it was only a few chapter's. I love the whole feeling of the book, it reminds me a lot of holly Jackson writing so if your a fan of her, Karen McManus then you’d probably also love the feel of this book as well! I’ve always been a thriller girl but have a harder time getting into YA thriller, but this one definitely has a ton of potential to be so so good! I can’t wait to be able to read the whole book!