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The Nine by Gwen Strauss is a story about 9 women that survived Nazi Germany. The women (most) were part of the resistance in France and were captured and placed in camps. They made friends when they ended up in the same camp and vowed to stay together until the end.

I learned about the Holocaust in middle and high school. I visited the holocaust museum in D.C. on a school trip. I read Night by Elie Wiesel. However, I had not heard the stories of the women in these camps. We heard the stories of the gas chambers, the experiments, and work camps but the stories of female survivors were not part of what I learned. These women lived through childbirth and not being able to feed their newborn children because they were too malnourished to produce milk. They survived rape by German soldiers. They worked until they died. Many got typhus from being infected with lice, etc. The conditions were horrible, which of course I did learn about. I didn't learn about the women reciting recipes to each other to help satiate their hunger at night. This book was chock full of amazing accounts of what these women went through. It was also a story of heroism and how hard these women fought to survive.

I highly recommend this book. It's such a great account of these 9 women that survived. It's well researched and compiled. Everyone should know their stories.