Loved this book!

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I read a lot of books about World War II and this one is one of the best I have read lately. This is the story of 9 brave women who were part of the resistance working to undermine the Nazis and help those being persecuted. It is the story of their arrests and survival in the camps as well as their daring escape and rebuilding their lives after the war. Equal parts heartbreaking and uplifting, it is amazing to read about the resiliency of these women despite what they had to endure. The author's great aunt is one of these nine women and she does extensive research into her life and those of the women she met along the way. I wasn't aware of all of the details of what happened after the war when the survivors attempted to restart their lives or a lot of the background surrounding the liberation efforts. Despite all of the details, this book was a quick read and a reminder of what human beings are capable of enduring and overcoming.