Even after everything... they still hoped to be admired as women.

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While there is little from World War II that has not been written about, the role of women in the war has been grossly underrepresented. Gwen Straus has found a remarkable tale of heroism in the accomplishments of these nine women, and also weaves in other perspectives from the war that have been forgotten. The story told in The Nine is harrowing yet ultimately encouraging. It takes the reader from inside parisian spy rings, to the uttmost horrors of Nazi Germany and finally to liberation on the front lines. Having nine protagonists allows Straus to explore the many facets of the role women played in WWII, and to shine light on their significant contributions. It also gives the reader a wide view of the impact of the war and its effect on multiple countries, ethnicities, families and individuals, than most books on the topic achieve. The Nine is a book that no student of WWII can afford not to read, and the casual reader will enjoy the true tale of these brave women as well.