A gut-wrenching story

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This was indeed a superb book! I love WWII books because there are so many untold stories. Stories from this time never fail to tear at my heartstrings. I cannot fathom the horrors that people endured in concentration camps and in war. But the bravery that comes out of such horror is what truly moves me. I loved each of the 9 women in their own way. I feel honored to have followed them on their journey.

.Oftentimes, I get a bit jarred when books time jump, but I had an easy time following this one. We get not only their stories during the war, but also after which adds an extra element to the narrative. We don't get too many stories that focus on the after-effects of the war. I loved the photographs, as well.

Thsi book was emotional, harrowing, and hopeful all at once. I think those looking for a book based on true events. Many thanks to BookishFirst for the review copy.