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Will be writing a review for the couple story's I enjoyed in this book:

Gasping for Air
Author: Ogechukwu Emmanuel Samuel

"Humans! They are the worst thing to have happened to Earth since the beginning" I agree with this 100% humans have ruined the earth with their greed.
I liked this story was very interesting. It was scary but caught my attention. The ending was super confusing.

Border Control
Author: Aldine Jojo Elhassan

This story was sad due to this girl's traumatic delivery and mistreatment from the nurses. Scary to read to being pregnant currently it gave me anxiety and almost had me crying.

The Newlyweds' Window
Author: Husnah Mad-hy

"But her fate was like the rest of the unmarried women; marry young, give the husband and their families some children (at least one boy), and subdue her dreams to the more practical and 'real life' expectations of Swahili women- cooking, cleaning, raising, tending to her husband, attending weddings and funerals, and the likes." This is ok if you want this in life but every girl should not be forced into it.

"She watched and could sometimes hear as they made love every night for six months straight." This is majorly creepy.

This story was creepy and confusing the main character gave off stalker vibes and needs to mind their own business and give the people some privacy.

Black Pawpaw
Author: Obinna Ezeodili
This ones really sad how they have to beg for help and than the abuse the main character receives. Also Binye seeing her as mama instead of his mom is sad. The mom should be around more. The sexual assault is sad and screwed up too and very triggering. And the Aunt died from self defense this girl shouldn't have to be punished for it she was defending herself during sexual assault.