There's more to Africa than poverty

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Although these stories take the reader out of the African stereotype, I couldn't help but feel a little sad. The point is that people are people and so the same things happen whether you live in North America, Africa, Europe or Asia. I'm a bit disheartened. "The Newlywed's Window," shocks the reader into understanding, by the collection of these stories, that not everything is what it seems. For instance, there's a young woman who likes to go on social media but alters her identity, another story about a little girl who finds hidden photographs of her unknown father, a serial killer stalks his victims, and like the front cover, a woman watches how a newlywed couple in Zanzibar changes over time. I wish there was a common thread or theme. Since the stories end unexpectedly, perhaps there will be a second book like this one, to continue where we left off.